16 août 2015

Berlin by bike <> off alarm

Berlin by Bike > Off Alarm ! Thank Tristan Honsinger (cello) for their workshop at Sowieso and inviting me to play in duo at Auxx. Tristan has light my stay by his musical genius : vibration, concentration, awareness, humility & compassion. Thank the fantastic improvisers Hilary Jeffery (trombone) Bastien Duncker (sax) and Julia Reidy (Guitar) for inviting me to play in the second set at Miss Hecker. Thank Klaus Kürvers (bass) for organizing a session with Tristan plus Tyler Border (Californian cello) Thank Laurent Jeanneau for bike. Thank Philippe Lemoine for help. Thank Eric Wong for a duo session guitar sax. Thank Dom Urban Drummer to an improvisation in the street. Thank Louis Rastig to the concept of “Free Music Perspectives » at the festival "à l’Arme !" I returned to Paris after 3 weeks in warm and tropical Berlin, the city of all musics and especially the free music in new and old forms.  (second photo : Tristan Honsinger, 3 : audio surveillance zone, 4 : Eric Wong, 5 : Expo Dieter Roth